Managed Endpoint Security

In the new reality of work from home and on the go, you need a comprehensive security solution that follows your computer or laptop (a.k.a. Endpoints)

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A proper security solution should include:

Managed Antivirus to block known viruses and malware

Network Protection that only allows traffic in from trusted sources

Patch management to ensure your computers always have the latest security patches installed

Finally, you should have Pro-Active Intrusion Protection that can catch unknown and advanced attacks.


Managed Antivirus

Antivirus is the original protection against viruses and malware. The basic function is to compare your systems file signatures (fingerprints) to their database of known malicious signatures. When a match is made the file is blocked before being executed and the file is quarantined or deleted. Singularity XDR integrates threat intelligence from leading 3rd party feeds and our proprietary sources to enrich our solution with real-time threat intelligence.


Network Protection

The best way to stop an attack or malware is to never give access in the first place. In larger office operations the usual setup is a Firewall is installed and maintained by a Network Engineer. For small businesses, this setup can cause exorbitant equipment costs and service calls when changes or remediation is necessary. Also, once the computer is connected to another network (think… Work from Home) the firewall is useless unless you set up a, once again, expensive VPN. We are able to resolve this solution by integrating the Firewall capabilities directly on your computer. Any network connections to your computer on any network, will have to answer to our firewall first. We then determine if its safe to let them in.


Patch Management

So we can protect your computer with an antivirus and lock down your network with a firewall, but a patch vulnerability can make those points moot. A patch vulnerability is s security hole is an application that has been mitigated, however the fix is only applied when the latest patch is installed. So, you all know that annoying windows update pop up… right? Well, those same updates have to be done for ALL the applications installed on your system. Our solution covers updates for Windows, Chrome, Office, QuickBooks, OneDrive, Dropbox, Zoom… and many more popular 3rd party applications.


Proactive Intrusion Detection

Now this is the set of features that makes our solution stand out. Proactive intrusion detection is the ability to gather the data on your system in Real-time and then use AI and machine learning to identify even the most advanced threats. Our XDR solution protects against 0 days attacks that do not have a known signature. This last layer of protection will ensure a Full security solution for your business.

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