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Keep your data backed up and secure with our managed backup solution.

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A proper backup solution should include:

Multiple daily backup points with minimal affect on computer performance

These backups should be encrypted and tested for errors

The backups should be stored in a secure location that has redundancy

Just as important and often neglected, you need management for those backup files.


Full Device Backup and Recovery

We are backing up not just documents but your full windows installation. If your computer or hard drive fails then no worries, you purchase a new one and we restore your computer within hours like nothing ever happened.


Daily Restore Points

With our service there are frequent daily restore points that run silently in the background and will not interrupt you working. In the event of a security breach or Ransomware attack your data is secured because we can restore from your last backup from the same day. Delta backups reduce backup completion time only backing up what is changed, so your backup is quickly available for use.


Data Security

Your backups are encrypted with 128 AES algorithm client side and there is no decryption on storage. Only your local backup agent can decrypt your backup data. Your data is store in redundant secure datacenters in the United States. These standards make sure your data is always secure and available.


Data Backup Testing

Our team of engineers ensure the data you are backing up is usable. Many times, a backup solution that is not managed will show backup successful however the backup itself is corrupt or not usable. What good does that do for you in a data emergency? We have daily automated checks that confirm the health of the backups and allow us to remediate if there is an issue. We also perform a monthly restore test to ensure recovery is successful.


Fast file-level restore

When you need to recover from your backup in an emergency, speed is of the essence to get you back to work. Our optimized process for data restoration makes getting you back on track fast. With most backup solutions it can take hours or weeks to restore your computer the way it was before the incident. With us, you will be back online by lunch.

Thank you for considering Advanced Data Infrastructure

These are the advantages of working with ADI for your data backup and recovery. These are managed services we are offering, not just a set and forget solution. We will become your IT department and allow you to focus on what matters most to your firm. Leave the Technology to us!

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