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Keep your data backed up and secure with our managed backup solution.

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Our Computer Managment solution includes:

A combination between manual administration and RMM automation provides optimal performance

We actively monitor your computers and servers during prime business hours, and we set alerts for critical events during off hours for our emergency response team.

Our automation and scripting allows for constant performance maintenance and automatic remediation

Fast and responsive remote access gives our support team quick access to your computer for any issues or training

Network Device Monitoring allows visibility to our team of the devices in your LAN including Routers, Firewalls, Printers, and UPS. Also detects rogue devices :O


Microsoft Experts

We have over 15 years of experience in Microsoft Windows and 365 environments. As part of your managed computer service you will have access to our expert engineers for issue remediation, technology projects, and training.


Mac Support

We are seeing an increase in businesses adopting MacOS for their businesses. Therefore we have MacOS experts on staff to help with the same services as a Microsoft environment.


Server Management

We have years of experience installing, configuring, and administrating servers on-site and in the cloud. We specialize in Microsoft Server and Azure management, Active Directory, DNS, Powershell Scripting, Access Control and Security, VPN integration, SSO, and more.


Mobile Device Management

In recent years more companies are deploying mobile devices to their workforce. These devices are used for more than just phone calls. Often business users will email, use critical company apps (accounting, inventory). Proper management will make sure your mobile experience is secure and optimized for business use.

Thank you for considering Advanced Data Infrastructure

These are the advantages of working with ADI for your data backup and recovery. These are managed services we are offering, not just a set and forget solution. We will become your IT department and allow you to focus on what matters most to your firm. Leave the Technology to us!

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