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Today we are discussing UAC, or User Account Control Feature, in Windows operating system. If you ever used Windows and installed an application then you surely have bumped into the UAC prompt. Its the windows that states an application is trying to make changes to your computer. Maybe you always click allow, but should you?

What is UAC?

Windows created UAC as an enhanced security feature to protect users from Malware. In simple terms, UAC prevents a standard user from making system changes that can leave their computer vulnerable.

So maybe you’re asking, what should you accept or deny?

There are a few color coyou should pay attention to when one of these system messages come up.

The elevation prompt are color coded and indicate the potential security risk:

  • Red background with a red shield icon: The app is blocked by Group Policy or is from a publisher that is blocked.
  • Blue background with a blue and gold shield icon: The application is a Windows 10 and Windows 11 administrative app, such as a Control Panel item.
  • Blue background with a blue shield icon: The application is signed by using Authenticode and is trusted by the local computer.
  • Yellow background with a yellow shield icon: The application is unsigned or signed but is not yet trusted by the local computer.

So in conclusion… for any prompt that shows in red you should definitely take a second look at what you’re running!


Your Tech Savvy Engineer,

Angel Contreras



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