Hello ADI Community,

Its your friendly IT tech with some useful info for you today. I want to show you Hot Keys. Hot keys essentially are shortcuts on your keyboard to increase your productivity and  make your Windows experience smooth and easy:

Copy, Paste and Cut

CTRL+C: This is the most common Hot Key, simple copy will add data to your clipboard or copy a file/folder.

CTRL+V: Most people know how to copy but not paste. This hot key will paste the last value in your clipboard or the last copied file/folder

CTRL+X: This hotkey will cut the highlighted data, file, or folder. Instead of just copy, this hot key will copy the original value to the new location and remove it from the old one.

Alt + Tab

Alt + Tab: This is personally my favorite hot key and the biggest help to my daily productivity. This hotkey switches to your last used window. So for example, If I have a spreadsheet open and I am filling it out with contact information from a website I can switch back and forth with this hot key every time I need more information. Simple, but oh so useful.

Windows Key

One of the newer keys rolled out on windows compatible keyboards is the inclusion of the windows key. This provides the user a new host of hotkeys to increase productivity.

Windows Key + arrow key: This hotkey will pin the active window to the corresponding side of screen (ex: right arrow will pin window to the right side). This is useful if you need to look at 2 windows at the same time side by side.

Windows logo key + L: This hotkey will Lock your PC. Its so much easier than the other methods. Very important for security to keep your computer locked when your away.

Windows logo key + D:  Display and hide the desktop.

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