Hello ADI Community,

Today I want to show you an EASY way to make your old, slow computer or laptop fast again 🙂

The solution is… your HARD DRIVE

Traditional hard drives on a computer/laptop are called disk and platter. Think of an old record player. The data is accessed by spinning to the correct area of the “record” to access your data. This old method of storage is slow and prone to failure. Usually on a computer this is the bottleneck causing your slow performance.

A newer type of hard drive that has taken over is called SSD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. The benefits of an SSD is there are no moving parts. The SSD contains flash memory blocks that have a direct connection to your computer. This means you can expect load times that are 20x faster or more.

The best part is $$$… SSDs have reduced in price the last few years. For less than $60 you can purchase a 500gb SSD which is plenty of storage for a personal or even small business user.

The featured image is a picture of a Sandisk 3d SSDwith 500gb of space for only $54 on Amazon.

These drives are super easy to install. If you need help contact us at support@adipros.com.

Thanks 🙂

Angel Contreras

Network Engineer

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