Hello ADI Community,

Today I would like to talk about Ransomware and WHO is a potential target.

For those of you who don’t know exactly what Ransomware is; it is a type of malware that takes over your entire enterprise infrastructure and locks it down. Then for a large monetary ransom (usually in the 10s of thousands!!) the attacker will send a decryption application that will restore your access.

Now while your locked down, your businesses entire IT system will be subject to the following:

  1. ALL of your important files and folders will be locked across every device on your system
  2. ALL your system folders on your domain controllers and IMPORTANT servers will be locked:
    • NO DNS means you cannot properly communicate with your colleague’s computers
    • Without your system folders and files all your business services will be brought to a HALT!
  3. ALL your shared file servers will be locked down. Even if they are on the Cloud!

Once your business systems are comprimised it is virtually impossible to recover unless you pay! These bad actors are good at what they do.

Any business is a target! High priority goverment organizations, national utility companies, and government intelligence agencies have all been victims.

Today’s topic was to inform you to take action. We dont want you to ever experience this.

Advanced Data Infrastructure can PROTECT you! Just let us know 🙂

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